Global Handwashing Day!

Global Handwashing Day!

My Pueblo Viejo Home

My Pueblo Viejo Home

My Pueblo Viejo Home

My Pueblo Viejo Home

My Latrine and Shower

My Latrine and Shower

Some of My Host Siblings

Some of My Host Siblings

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My blogs have been random! Potlickas and football...hahaha. But lots has happen in the past two weeks!
I have to give you the highlights of last Monday, because I had some especially interesting conversations and happenings...

Monday (6/7):
I woke up and ate a nice fried chicken breakfast (yes, that;s an important detail). I headed to work excited because Samuel was going to take me around PG to meet major people and find potential places to rent.... Well, he never showed up for work..... fail! I left work in the early afternoon to head home.I hung out with the fam for awhile...Mrs Assi kept asking me if she could wake me up at 4am the next morning to help her with lunch. I kept telling her she could try, but chances are I would be dead asleep and not wake up....We repeated those lines to each other about 8 times.... Very deep conversation. lol. I really think she wanted to wake me up! But I wasn't having it.... I cherish my sleep on weekdays.... I still have to go to work! lol. After awhile I headed to Tonya's teacher's house, Mr Chun--he's the one who's mom was Matt's host mom in San Martin. I headed over to his house to visit because Na, as we call her, was in town. Na is tooooo cute! She is such a little old lady, (which I really found out she's only 50!) Mayan women seem to age like statues! The girls are all cute and then they grow up to look stoic. I guess hard lives = hard on the body. They all look solid! Anyway, I was shocked to learn this little old woman was younger than my own mom! She's got 14 children! And WHO KNOWS how many grandchildren! Dozens! But she is still such a cute, happy lady. She's always wearing her traditional Mayan dress with her hair clipped up...and she smiles a big gapped smile, because a lot of her teeth are missing from over the years... Still, I just love to talk to her! I found out that she is the oldest of 4 children and also the only girl--same as me!! She went on to practice some Mopan with me and then tell me various stories--some true, some way false. She did tell me a cool story about the "white Indian" who lives in the hidden ruins of Santa Elena. Basically, it's a ghost who you can see far in the jungle if you find the ruins. Maybe I'll visit Matt in his village and go see! haha

I got home and before even saying hi, Mrs Assi told me to come flatten tortillas in Q'echi---which I don't understand! She does this thing where she says phrases I know in Mopan in Q'echi instead and then laughs but never translates for me! Just laughs! So finally Cor told me what she was saying and I told her to give me a minute to put my bags down and that was the phrase she repeated for the rest of the night: "Ish Mally. Gimme minute!" oy vey! So while we were flattening tortillas, Mrs Assi shared lashing stories with me... Basically, the details of how she beat her children. Oh boy. She told me about her belt lashings they all got, (and apparently still do!). And how it's Maya tradition to lash so kids will behave.... because no other culture has a history of doing that before! Anyway, I told her how most Americans were the same way, but nowadays we have adopted new methods, realizing kids don't respond as well to beatings alone. I told her my parents' generation got more beatings than kids do now, things have progresssed, yada, yada, yada.... all of this using smaller vocab, of course. She really didn't care or understand, so she goes on to tell me about how Junior and Nester once found $5 on the ground and bought a bunch of candy with it when they were about 7 and 10 years old. They came back and Mr Assi made them strip down to their underwear and lay in a red ant hill for punishment!!!!!! That way they got bit all over.... Can you believe that???! I was completely shocked! I admitted to her that if a parent did that in the States and people found out, there would be big problems with the law about it....She didn't really understand, but just laughed at me. Oh man!

Finally, it was time to eat! Save me from the stories of lashings!!! I tried a cool little critter called "tut" in Mayan... it's a conch shell type food, but smaller. Then put it in a really nice waha leaf kaldo. It was nice nice.

I finally had some relaxation time after dinner. I played with Pachy and the whole family gathered around to watch tv. It was fine family time until Antoinette mentioned that her cousin was eying me last weekend at the party.... oh great. He asked who I was and what I was doing with them, and then apparently used the line: "do you have ketchup......because I wanna get a taste of her." Wow.... really boy? Since Ant tells this story IN FRONT OF Mrs Assi, Mrs Assi gets all excited and asks me a bunch of questions. She asked me if I'm gonna go to the next graduation party--which I had already said I would. Then she asked if I would dance ... again, I said yes. Then she asked if I would dance with the guy.... I tried to be diplomatic and said "I will dance with everybody!" hahahaha Then she told me that if I don't go he will be "vexed with me"  What??!! Crazy lady! She got a kick out of asking questions like that for the rest of the night. I think I'm getting married into the family...... Oy!

Yay for integration!


So my easiest way to integrate in Belize has come via football. And it has been a blessing, for real! At first, I was just dying to get active and play a little.... But now, it's become my "thing" here in PG. I'm playing almost everyday!

First of all, it's fantastic to be in a country where everyone is watching the World Cup someway or another! It's the highlight of the summer! In PG we had a blackout for the opening match and people went CRAZY! Love FM, the infamous radio station, was BLOWING up! People were calling in really pissed at the power companies for scheduling this blackout on the same day as the most important thing in television. (It was a planned blackout from 6am-12pm one day-I don't think they realized it was the start of the WC when they scheduled it). Some lady even called saying that the WC was the most important thing in her life, she'd been waiting 4 yrs for it, the companies are so selfish, yada, yada, yada. The radio guy mocked her, saying it was more important than her family, religion, her job.....that's how she made it sound!!! Pure madness!
Needless to say, the WC has made football even bigger than it already is here in Belize..... which has been awesome for me!

So along with the World Cup, I was in search for a team to play with.... I already blogged a little about my team experience.... but I really got so lucky with football here! First, I played with the PC team against the women's Esperanza, Cayo team... (it's in the middle of the country, north of PG). This was back during training and I met a guy who asked me if I wanted to play with their team.... I was stoked and agreed, only to never hear from him for a LONG, long time! So then I moved down to PG and continued my search for a team. Samuel, my co-worker, happened to know the women's PG coach and set me up to play with them one weekend....I just blogged about that game in my last post. That weekend I scored and got on TV! (I was also interviewed and it was shown on tv! ahhh!) That was an awesome game, and now people have recognized me as the white girl who was on tv for it! haha The guys in the post office knew me when I stopped in, the people in my office saw me, some guy at the Ministry of Works recognized me, and some lady riding her bike past me said she saw me on tv! So it's definitely helped me integrate in PG....hahaha. BUT the team never practiced or had a game again! So it was a one weekend deal......  and I was bummed. Since that weekend I've been going to the field to try to find out their practice times and in my efforts met some of the Rasta guys who play for the PG team called the Jah Roots.... They told me they never see the girls play, but that I could play with them. So I've been going out and scrimmaging with them a few nights a week --even though they kick my butt! I can hold my own most of the time....but they are fast and big and really good!!! But they are great sports about letting me come out and kick around and it's definitely helping my game out! It's a great time and really fun... Plus, now I recognize them around town and it makes things a little easier! Maybe I'll get dreads so I can fit in with them....yea rite, hahahahaha!
Meanwhile, since I've been practicing with the Jah Roots and haven't heard from the PG women, I finally got in touch with the guy from Cayo! So now every weekend I've been traveling around the country playing with this Cayo team in this women's national tournament!! We just won this past weekend and are going to the semi-finals next weekend!!! The Cayo team is really good! And they are so fun! My first game with them, they started me in center-mid--- I didn't even know if they knew I could play or not! hahaha. Last weekend we were down 2-nil til about 70 minutes in and we came back with a 3-2 victory over Placencia! (We were like the US...except no bogus call! hahaha)  It was AWESOME! The game was in Placencia, but we still had a bunch of fans and we partied after!! One guy brought some beer he got from over the Mexican border--non Belikin beer! (since that's all you can get in Belize!) It was amazing! Such a great experience! They taught me some Kriol and we danced and it was really just fantastic!

So basically, thank you soccer because you have helped me find my niche in Belize.... =)  I'm so lucky for this experience!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


In Belize, the kriol word for mangy street mutt is "potlicka." And boy are they ever-present! Potlickas in the streets, chasing people on bikes, coming out from the jungle--everywhere! But boy it is a sad state for these poor dogs. As my colleague put it, "potlickas are the only dogs that can survive the streets of Belize." Which is sad, because they are barely surviving. If there's one thing I hope I to never integrate with the Belizean culture on, I hope it's the complete disregard and lack of emotion towards animal pain and suffering! This may sound very animal lover-ish and over the top, which I don't tend to be, but it really is sad. The dogs are filthy and bare-boned, usually either limping or punctured by some attack --probably with one another for a measly scrap of food. It hurts my heart because every sad dog face I see I want to take in and rescue, but then I walk 5 yards further and see another. It's impossible to help them all, yet it is so painful to see... In fact, I can honestly say that most dogs in Belize actually look sad. That sounds silly, but you don't pass the potlickas on the road and say "oh how cute!" or "what a beautiful dog!" like you would in the States. You just look away and try not to hit them with your bike or car. They are scrawny and sickly. Their eyes just look to you with pain. I feel like it should make any decent human an instant animal lover.

Just 2 nights ago, one of my host family's potlickas had puppies. This dog was so scrawny, I had no idea she was pregnant! She had them amidst a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. I woke up to learn of the pregnancy and the puppies all at once, and that one of the five born had already died. I was devastated because I knew that it wasn't just by chance the one pup didn't make it. So I took it upon myself to make sure I feed the mom and try to help her as much as possible with the remaining four. Just over a week ago, a fellow volunteer had a similar situation where his host family's dog had puppies. Slowly he reported to me that the puppies were dying because their mother was so malnourished she couldn't provide milk for them. After a few days, every single one was dead. It was devastating to hear about. And yet, even if these pups survive the initial time with their mother, they still have to weather the horrible conditions of the world of potlickas in Belize. So I was sad the first puppy died, but I don't know whether it's really a good or bad thing for him.

Nonetheless, I am going to try to help these puppies at my house as much as I can. I don't know much about puppies and I don't really have means to take care of them all, (which my host mom has already asked me to take them when I move out), but I'm going to try what I can.  This is a sad little blog entry, but I needed to express my feelings towards these poor potlickas!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Fun in PG Town!

This weekend was craziness!! I finally got to experience the Saturday market in town, where I ran into a bunch of Toledo PCVs coming in from their villages. Always refreshing! Then, Cali and I hung out with Owen because his villagers were in town having some big meeting. We walked around the market, the water, onto the pier, and had lunch.... a nice long day of sunburn for me! hahaha. It was exceptionally hot....hotter than the normal hot!! hahaha Meanwhile, I was so dumb because I was supposed to be playing with the PG women's football team at 4 and I had been in the sun all day --fail! By the way, I chose the PG team because the other team wanted me to play in Belize, which is a 7 hour bus trip up just to play soccer.... too much!  So anyway, I got home around lunchtime and ate and tried to cram in my hydration before game time.
Football is where I got my first TRUE taste of "Belizean time". I went over to the field around 3:30-3:45, knowing I would be way early, but still. So 4 o'clock rolls around and still nobody has shown up! Finally, at 4:20 the other team literally emerges from high weeds on the far side of the feel. haha So I have some hope. I wait awhile and they start warming up. Then I notice a little boys team start warming up on the other side of the field.... I think to myself: they wouldn't really have the girls team play these little boys, would they? And then the girls come off and the little boys split into two teams and start playing. I was confused, bc it was now almost 5pm and the boys were playing. I ask the ref and a coach and some other people if there actually is a girls game or what and everybody says yes, but nobody knows the time or details. So the best answer I got was that they were playing after the little boys, so I stuck around. As the game neared the end, there was still no sign of the PG women's team. I was confused. By 6 o'clock the men's team was playing. WHAT! So I try to ask around again, and everyone still seems to think the women are playing...."next." So I'm really frustrated at this point, having been waiting around for 3 hours! I head to Michelle's host family's home, "Teacher Alice's" house and hang out for awhile. Since I'd already invested SO MUCH time in this game, I decided I would head back towards the ending of the men's game and try to give it one more shot. So with almost no hope, I did, and sure enough, the PG team was there! Shocker! So I got excited again and introduced myself to people here and there. They were not very friendly or excited to see my white butt there, but I figured I would just prove myself on the field. Our game didn't actually start til 8 and we played a team from Guatemala that was fairly decent. I was actually surprised by the level of play of both teams! It was refreshing! Not as good as most teams I played with in the States, but considering the culture, they were decent! We were up 1-0 for awhile and I finally got into the game! I was able to score the second goal for our team and even assisted the 3rd! We won 3-0. It was SO great to play! And I gained the respect of the girls and they were nice to me by the end--a few still had grudges and wouldn't speak to me, but you can't win em all! I was so glad that I went out! And it was a true Belizean experience because there were TONS of people there! Most of them were there for drunkenness or to watch the men's games happening, but they truly supported the women's team too! There was an announcer commentating the whole game and it was truly one of those awesome cross cultural experiences in life! I loved every minute of it! After the game, the Toledo news came to interview us and he came up to interview me, my nickname being "white gyal" of course! haha I felt so dumb, because all I said was "yea, it was much fun! we won! woohoo!" Could I look more American???? Aaahhhhh! It was kinda funny because the camera man/reporter was the same guy who interviewed me at Cacao Fest...and he remembered me! hahahaha too funny! So it was a good experience overall.... even though I had a true taste for Belizean time..... lol.
After the game, I rushed to Teacher Alice's house because they were throwing Nate a bday bash! They even cooked pizza!!! Yum! I went from one workout to another--dancing! Teacher Alice's family is Garifina and they know how to party! They had a dj and were dancing and drinking all night long! It was fantastic!  I ended the night with a scorpion coming right at me on the floor! Yikes! 2 scorpions in 2 days!!! What are the odds!?!

Sunday I woke up soooo early because it was unbelievably hot!!! I think I sweated out about 5 lbs of water weight in my sleep.... uy! My host family were teasing me all morning... asking if I had a "goma", which is a hangover in kriol. I didn't, but they still harassed me about it all morning, lol. I ate kaldo in the morning, and then spent some much needed time with my fan in my room...that is, until we had a blackout! lol. Pretty much the whole afternoon was no electricity and no water, which was awesome because I smelled from dancing the night before and the whole family was waiting to bathe because we were heading to a graduation party that evening! So it was a sweaty afternoon of pretty much nothing. Mrs Assi sent the girls out to buy everyone ideals, which was definitely refreshing. When the power finally came back on, we had very little water, so we all took bucket bathes and got ready for the party. I was so excited to go! We went all the way to San Antonio village, where it ended up being Matt's old host mom's niece's party, (we call her "Na")! Before the party started, I got to go meet Mr Assi's mom and his sister and go to both their houses. We did a couple hours of sitting around and visiting before heading to the party. When I got there, Na immediately came up to me and hugged me. I was so excited to see her!! We talked for a bit and then the toasts began. The party format was toasts for about 30 minutes, all the men get drunk, then everyone eats dinner, the men are still getting drunk, then all the old men and women take a shot for the celebration, and then possibly dancing (music is playing the whole time)...but we left before any dancing happened.  Na took good care of me, hooking me up with food and Coke while I was there. She's too cute! We left the party pretty early because we had to head back to PG. As we were leaving, I almost stepped on a scorpion on the road! I cannot believe it! I must be attracting them!!! haha 3 for 3 on seeing scorpions daily!!! hahaha Hopefully, this is not a habit! I'm a target for critters!
Anyway, I was glad to experience a Mayan party. And I hear that that was a pretty mild party for most....which is nice to hear because there are 2 weddings coming up in the near future that I've been invited to!!! I can't wait!! lol.

What a great weekend it was in Belize! Now, it's back to work for a lazy Monday!

back to PG!

I cannot believe it's only been a week since Swearing In! I feel like it's been months!!! Time is funny like that... lol

I was exhausted after Swearing In. We took the bus back to PG and I slept pretty much the whole way....then I went home, went to bed, and didn't wake up til noon on Sunday! I was beat!!! Sunday afternoon was then dedicated to laundry.... because I had tons of it! (and laundry takes

Monday began official volunteer work at my organization! Pretty much they had nothing for me to do besides inventory..... oh joy. haha So I spent Monday catching up with my emails and doing inventory! The big boss from Belize called me that afternoon to tell me that I'm going to be doing all the official supervisions because they are not going to hire a replacement supervisor for I am it. hahaha I don't think this is how it works, but's fine for now.

I went back to my host family and caught up with my tortilla making lessons! lol. I had a week off from cooking, so it's been back in full swing since I got home. hahaha. Mrs Assi is always asking me if I could cook, and do laundry, and have children.... I always respond, "maybe...but I don't want to!" I think she thinks I fail because I'm 23, single, no kids, and I can't really cook. I pretty much have NO good qualities suitable for a Mayan woman.... guess I'm not gonna get married off into the family! hahaha oh darn!  I will be happy to move into my own house, just because it's really hard to live with another have to be "on" all the time.... even when you work all day and want to come home and relax, you still have to be friendly and up for conversations with them.... it's kind of exhausting! I love my host family, don't get me wrong!, but sometimes I just need chill time! haha

Monday night Laura and Dan came into town for the Festival of the Arts because both their villages were performing... we hung out for the night and it was much needed after a long 2 days of getting back into the swing of host family life!

Tuesday I started going into the villages for supervisions--on my own! I was nervous! Fido, our driver, took me out and we covered Laguna, Santa Anna, San Felippe, and Midway villages...I felt very productive! Since I was so productive, I gave myself a very lazy evening of hammock time when we got home. I napped and hung out with baby Pachy and was just a big bum! It was fantastic! I even watched some bootleg tv from a local Idaho station.... yes, very strange. I wonder if the local electronics man in Lewiston, Idaho knows that his commercial is international??? hahahahaha

Wednesday I slept in a little, deciding to go to the office later than usual. I had fried chicken for breakfast, same as yesterday. What a weird thing to eat when you first wake up! hahaha My stomach pretty much hates me when I stuff it with dinner at ungodly hours of the morning! haha. But Antoinnette also made banana fritters that morning and they were delicious!! So good!  After work, I met up with a few volunteers for a beer at an ex-pat bar in town. Nice and relaxing. Oh, what a stressful life! 
Dinner that night was chopped jibby jabby and tomatoes with tortillas..... it was so strange!!! I'm not really sure how to feel about that meal.... hahaha. And I'm not even sure what jibby jabby is! Just some weird plant/vegetable thing! hahaha
That night I watched "My Sister's Keeper" w/the family and CRIED! That movie is so sad!!! I felt really dumb, but when it ended I turned around and Ant and Cor were crying too. Mrs Assi, of course, was not...most likely because she didn't really know what all was being said. She did make fun of me for crying though and kept repeating "this is so sad" after I said it.... odd. I needed a happy thought before bed, so I tuned in to the end of Bridget Jones's Diary.

Thursday was another field day in the villages.  I had to wake up earlier than usual, so I was able to walk with Cor to school on my way to work. This time Samuel came with, as did Pearleen. I think Pearleen is more like a social worker in our office...she doesn't directly work in our program, but we are both under the Ministry of Human Development. So it was a nice full car on the way there. San Jose was the first village, and I was dropped to supervise while they went around doing other stuff. I had to hike to the top of a hill for the first supervision and it was an AMAZING view! SO gorgeous! I talked a lot with the Rover who works there and she showed me where they had cleared the trees for the house she and her husband are building. She invited me to come when they build the thatch house sometime in August--I'm totally taking advantage of that invitation!! I'm not really her boss, so I think it's fine! haha I met back up with the car, and the chairmen of the village took us up another hill to get cell phone service and also for another great view! We drove around for Pearleen because she had a lot of other business to take care of in San Jose before heading to San Miguel. By the time we reached San Miguel, all the Rovers were done for the morning, so we headed home for lunch.  We headed back out around 1:30. We stopped at a high school on the way where Pearleen did more stuff, but I was exhausted and fell asleep in the car! hahaha We pulled up to San Miguel and I thought it was another normal supervision---wrong! We actually were going door to door to EVERY house in the village who has a child under 3 to get feedback about our program and our Rovers.... OMG! I felt like the biggest gringa ever! I looked so dumb going around because I don't know the village or ANY families, and I don't talk Q'echi or Kriol! was so awkward for me! I couldn't wait til it was over!!!! It was like bad memories of selling candy bars for fundraisers all over again.... ahhhh!
I didn't get home to well after 5 that night, and even though I was exhausted, I headed over to Cali's to hang out with her for a bit. We ended up going to one of Dave's friend's birthday party--it was very fun! It was a kriol family (and they know how to party) and they had great music and it was just an awesome night!

TGIF was exactly how I felt on Friday! It was a LOOONG week back after Swearing In! We had a "Forthnight" session, which takes place bi-monthly for all the Rovers in our PG office. At first, Samuel wanted me to run the session, but I've never even been to one! So I agreed to start it, but had him take over. It was a REALLY short session because I'm pretty sure he didn't really have anything planned...which worked out for me because Matt came into town from Santa Elena! I walked to meet him and hang out while he was waiting on his host dad for lumber! We hung out for about 2 hrs and his host dad never showed.... so I went back to the office and he got the lumber on his own. I had a nice hour of nothing to do in the office.... hahaha So I spent the time gettin to know Samuel... Then I left because it was Nate's bday! So I met up with Nate and Michelle, and Matt stayed in town and we all grabbed a burger! Then we went to the bank and Matt spots his host dad from across the street. He comes over and smells like straight Belikin! hahaha He ditched Matt to go drink! So funny! So he was talking to us for awhile and we finally left and told him we had to go somewhere he couldn't go. We all went our separate ways, and Matt and I decided to find a place to have a beer since he had a few hours to kill before the bus.... We were walking down Front Street and Matt spots his host dad again, and we straight up run! It was like an escape scene from a movie! We were in the market and like crashing through ridiculous! hahaha We finally headed up to Reef Bar and had an amazing time lookin over the water and relaxing, enjoying our good ole Stouts. Nate and Michelle eventually came back and met us and we had an awesome Friday happy hour.... it was the perfect way to end the working week!
We took Matt to his bus before heading back to our houses... I did some PC integration and went to visit with some neighbors in IndianVille. They are actually related to Matt's old host family in San Martin. And they gave me some delicious homemade cinnamon bread! Mmmm!!! lol. Food.
I got home to my phone to find out that two different football teams wanted me to play for them the next day! So I was in a dilemma because both were last minute and I didn't know what to choose! Things like this always happen to me!!!
I got home around dinner time and headed to the corn mill for Mrs Assi to get some ground massa. Then we made tortillas and had pork kaldo for dinner. It was really good that night! lol. Meanwhile, Matt texted me that his host dad never got on the bus and then later on they passed him passed out on the side of the road and the driver wouldn't stop to pick him up! hahaha Fail! Poor guy.
I ended the night going back to Cali's that night to hang out with some people for Nate's bday. I came home early and was still locked out of my house! Ah! Even worse, she let me in and was in her underwear, which is like spandex type satin lacey shorts things... it what all the Mayan women wear under their dresses.... but how awkward! was hot... I understand her nakedness! hahaha
I got into my room and noticed a weird black spot on the wall by my bed. I shined my flashlight on it and realized it was a SCORPION!!! My first encounter with a real life scorpion!!! So, as anyone would do, I stopped freaking out.... took a picture of it.... sprayed it with cockroach spray....took another close up pic of it... and then hit it with my shoe repeatedly. It was quite an exciting way to end my evening! hahahha

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Inappropriate Storytime With Mal

So some of you have been privy to my extra exclusive and borderline inappropriate stories that I've had to share... unfortunately, as much as they are hilarious, they are not always great to publicize to the entire world! Nonetheless, I have to mention this story because it is just too ridiculous to keep to myself.... haha.

So as you all know, I am still living with a host family in Indian Ville. We have a latrine outside, which is pretty clean for some of the latrines I've experienced. Nonetheless, it is still a latrine and it is still outside. Lately, we've been having thunderstorms and just craziness weather. So I try to avoid using the bathroom during this weather. But the other night, I was so HOT and I drank lots and lots of juice and then stayed up reading in my room. Well, to make a long story short, I was up later than the rest of the family and stuck in my room having to pee. Not only did I not WANT to go outside in the dark and muddy weather to the latrine, but I had been locked! inside my house already because they lock us in at night! So I was regretting my life decisions to drink after 5pm and danced around in my room desperate for a solution. Then it came to me: I gazed over at the small plastic cup sitting on my makeshift shelf and thought, "there's no way." I did the pee dance a little longer and realized it was only 10:30 at night and really, there was no way I wouldn't pee my bed if I didn't. So yes, folks...I peed in a cup.
Classy act, I know.
Lucky for me, I had plenty of hand sanitizer, a roll of toilet paper, and a trashbag in my room, so I didn't feel all that was almost better than using a latrine! But then I was thinking, what the heck am I gonna do with this cup of pee now??Another great realization occurred! My window has no screens! Hurray! I simply grabbed my cup, stuck my arm as far out the window as it would go, and poured. Talk about problem-solving techniques!
Oh boy, I love the jungle!

Washing Pan Di Rock

Washing Pan Di Rock
Crique Jute Village